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Left front ally, Forward Bloc demand dialogue with Maoists in Lalgarh

Posted by Admin on September 23, 2009


Calcutta, Sept. 22: Left Front ally Forward Bloc has asked the state government to hold talks with the Maoists, probably worried by the CPM mobilisation to resist the guerrilla offensive in West Midnapore.

Bloc general secretary Debabrata Biswas said: “Our reservation about the joint security operation continues as it failed to contain the Maoist insurgents. The Left Front must accept the ground reality that the Maoists had gained some local support because of our mistakes and failures. Poor tribals who had no land or right to forest produce or benefits of development have now rallied behind them.’’

“Armed clashes between the CPM and the Maoists will only take more toll on poor people on both sides. The front should call for a political solution through dialogue and the Maoists, too, must come forward to take part in it,’’ he added.

Asked if the Bloc would take the initiative for a dialogue, Biswas lobbed the ball to the CPM. “Being in the leadership of the front, the CPM should take the initiative.’’

Both the CPM and the government had ruled out talks with the Maoists unless they shunned violence while the rebels wanted the withdrawal of the security forces first. TT


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